Harmony Music Studio
Harmony Music Studio

"Anne's music therapy sessions have been a wonderfully positive influence on my autistic son. She takes a love of music and pairs it with engaging activities and great intuition to create a learning environment that my son is excited to participate in every week. I appreciate her individualistic approach and her ability to reach these amazing kids." Cody C. -Dad



It is essential that children with Autism, Special Needs and Learning Disabilities benefit from therapy . Children enjoy music and look forward to sessions. Music is unique as it is accessible to all and motivates children and teens to spark growth.


Harmony Music Studio encourages children to progress using music, movement, interesting books, puppets, and engaging motivating props. This inspires children to succeed and achieve positive purposeful gains.  


Music Therapy captivates stimulates and creates lasting change. Children and adolescents are encouraged to develop communication, speech, social skills, cognition, physical skills, attention, literacy, academic progress, and independence.


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