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Music Therapy and Piano Lessons for Children With Unique Needs such as Autism and Developmental Delay.

Music Therapy. Tune into the Benefits!


Professional, Experienced, Progressive Music Therapy and Piano Lessons with Children with Autism and Developmental Delay.

Harmony Music Studio customizes music therapy sessions and piano lessons for children with unique needs such as autism, developmental and speech delay.



Music therapy addresses non-musical goals including speech, attention, cognition, sensory discrimination and education.


Music is unique as it accesses multiple areas of the brain.  The properties of music captivate, stimulate and create lasting change in children with autism and delay.


We offer piano lessons to help your child with autism or delay continue on the path of success. Music lessons aid in brain development as well providing a natural bridge to educational and social opportunities.


Music is accessible to all children. Preschool through High School personalized, professional therapeutic and educational plans are developed for each individual.

The philosophy of Harmony Music Studio is that a child is a child first, not diagnoses. All children have a right to music. Personalized sessions provided by Anne Carlson, an experienced, Board Certified Music Therapist.

We are Located in Renton, WA



"The best endorsement of all, is my (3) kids look forward to each session and truly enjoy "Miss Anne". This kids know (it works): they learn...they improve. Believe them, it (music therapy) works."

Richard P.-Father of 3


"I don't sing because I am happy, I am happy because I sing." William James