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Harmony Music Studio

Online Music Therapy and Piano Lessons for Children and Adolescents with Autism, Special Needs and Learning Disabilities.

Harmony Music Studio offers Online Music Therapy and Piano Lessons for children and adolescents with Special Needs, Autism, Down Syndrome, Speech Delay and Learning Disabilities.


Children thrive through music and develop speech, attention, communication, literacy, and improve academically.


Parents of children with Autism, Special Needs and Learning Disabilities often notice their child has natural ability or is captivated by music. Music Therapy and piano lessons unite natural ability and attraction to make purposeful gains.


All stages of development are crucial. Music Therapy and Lessons are beneficial in all stages as children make strides towards the future. Online Music Therapy and Piano Lessons are convenient, engaging, and successful.


"Having online music therapy with Anne Carlson is a win-win for our family. With our sons challenging schedule,  getting him to his weekly music therapy sessions was not going to be possible. Online music therapy has allowed us to enjoy the benefits of Anne Carlson’s amazing music sessions in the comfort and convenience of our own living room. My son interacts and communicates with her just as if we were in her physical music therapy space. It has been a blessing for our family. 
Judy B. "
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