Watch Your Child Achieve through Music Therapy and Piano Lessons!

Harmony Music Studio offers Music Therapy sessions as well as piano lessons for children with unique and special needs including:

  •     Autism
  •     Speech delay
  •     Developmental Delay
  •     Down Syndrome

Music therapy is a scientific yet natural treatment for autism and developmental delay.

Music therapy is intrinsically fun, motivating, engaging and success based.

Music has unique properties that help unlock neurological pathways to enhance:

  •     Speech
  •     Behavior
  •     Social skills
  •     Awareness of self and others
  •     Attention
  •     Physical development
  •     Sound sensitivity
  •     Sensory Discrimination

Children achieve progress through musical events guided by a Board Certified Music Therapist including:

  •     Instrument play
  •     Movement
  •     Drumming
  •     Singing
  •     Musical Games and Stories
  •     Piano Lessons