Watch Your Child Succeed through Music Therapy and Piano Lessons!



At Harmony Music Studio, children with unique needs are encouraged to learn using instruments, movement and materials they enjoy for a successful experience. When a child succeeds, they are empowered and continue to make progressive, positives strides.


When children enter Harmony Music Studio they are greeted by bright and fun instruments, books, games and activities to engage them naturally. Sessions are individualized using materials and approaches that motivate children via their interest and needs.





Music Therapy captivates stimulates and creates lasting therapeutic change. Children are encouraged to develop communication, speech, social skills, cognition, physical skills, attention and independence.


Music is unique as it is accessible to all and uniquely engages the brain to enhance development. Harmony Music Studio helps children gain the skills needed to develop in to the person they will become.




We offer piano lessons for children with unique needs such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and delay. Music therapy and piano lessons provide a natural bridge to educational and social opportunities.




All sessions provided by an experienced Board Certified Music Therapist.